Utilities Board

The Utilities Board of the City of Andalusia was created January 7, 2003. The purpose of the board is to operate the utilities of the City of Andalusia.

Board Information:

Number of Members: 5 (Consisting of the Mayor, one council member and three citizens)

Term in Years: 6 year terms for citizens and term of administration for the council members

Meeting Day: Fourth Tuesday of each month

Meeting Time: 5:00 p.m.

Meeting Location: City Hall; First Floor; Room 112 (1st Floor Conference Room)

Appointment: City Council is the appointing authority

Current Membership:


Expiration Date of Term

Ashton Wells Jr., Vice-Chairman

January 8, 2017

Earl V. Johnson, Chairman

November 3, 2016

James H. Smith

January 8, 2021

Richard E. Jones, Secretary/Treasurer

January 8, 2019

Terry Powell, Councilmember

November 3, 2016

*Revised May 2015